Very few suppliers of medicinal plants in small towns

In 2017, there are very few suppliers of medicinal and other plants in small towns compared to metro cities. While there are some nurseries they are at remote locations which most people are unable to reach easily, especially if they do not have their own vehicle. In 2014, 2015 there were a few plant sellers with handcarts in panaji, goa and though expensive, residents could at least purchase the plants.
However in 2017, all the plant sellers have almost completely disappeared in panaji, goa due to regulations of the local authorities. The rare plant sellers spotted are quoting inflated prices of more than Rs 150 per plant. In contrast in metro cities, plant sellers continue to have a very flourishing business, with multiple plant sellers at some locations like outside schools
The forestry department was selling plants, yet the mobile van was available only for a day or two in most towns in goa, and the information was not readily available.