CBD for epilepsy, hemp plant extract

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One of the main reasons why CBD has been legalized in many countries, is because it is extremely helpful in treating patients who are suffering from epilepsy. One of the most famous cases of children who have benefited from using CD is the case of Charlotte Figi in Colorado. She was detected with a health problem called Dravets Syndrome at the age of three months which resulted in seizures. At the age of five, she was suffering from up to 350 in a week, and was confined to a wheelchair. Her heart had stopped beating a few times and she was medically revived. In desperation her mother obtained CBD extract from a local grower.

Almost immediately after consuming the CBD, the seizures which Charlotte suffered from reduced to a large extent. Within one year, the seizures stopped and Charlotte was leading a normal life. This story was features on CNN, and a large number of parents whose children were suffering from seizures, epilepsy relocated to Colorado, since medical cannabis was legal in the state. Like Charlotte, many children and others who are suffering from seizures due to epilepsy have greatly benefited from consuming CBD, since the number of seizures they are suffering from have greatly reduced.