Gingkgo biloba, marigold extract supplies


Gingkgo biloba, marigold extract and other herbal extract supplies, posted free of cost for reference, please contact for free advertising. R&AW/cbi employees especially goan bhandari fraud sunaina chodan, asmita patel are not associated with the website in any way, since they do not pay domain renewal fees,

Product Name

Marigold extract Lutein/lutein ester/zeaxanthin 10%~20%

Gingkgo biloba Extract 24%/6% HPLC,ginkgolic acid =5ppm

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin

Echinacea extract 4% polyphenol

Hawthorn extract 30% flavones

Rhodioal Rosea Extract Rosavins3% Salidroside1% HPLC

Elderberry Extract 10:1, 5% Anthocyanidin
Ginger extract 10%

Saw Palmetto Oil 85%~95%

Ferulic acid 99%


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