Ajwain plant broken off by criminal trespassers in home in posh area of panaji, goa

Garden Plan

The domain investor was keeping her plants on the terrace mainly because of rampant criminal trespassing of homes in a posh area of panaji, especially if the home owner is away. Yet some people in the area, including a powerful politician started making fake dengue allegations and started threatening arrest for keeping plants on the terrace, so the domain investor was forced to remove all the plants from the terrace.
So she kept the plants on the ground floor, and due to criminal trespassing she is finding that people criminal trespassing are killing or breaking off the plants because of the hatred of the domain investor they do not know.
after killing the balsam plant, the top of the ajwain plant was also missing on 24 July 2021, confirming the high crime rate in the area.