Apoko Herbal Extract Dealership.- phishing email

Greetings, I work with A veterinary Group of a company situated in the United states as a regulatory affairs specialist Our organization is in short supply of raw materials which are immediately required for the research and manufacturing of mix vaccines and medications which are applied in the use of pet animals/ aquatic/ poetry farm injection treatment across the globe. The reason for this shortage is as a result of the sudden and unfortunate passing away of the main supplier of the raw material from India who was Mr Ramachandran in a fatal automobile car crash. He was buying this raw material and supplying it to our company in a bulk quantity of 100 gallons every month. Now our company doesn’t know the exact source of this raw material which is in a state in India due to the nature of his transaction arrangement with our company. Today however as a matter of urgency and a race against time to save lives of pet animals I stumbled over his receipts in our company records department, which unraveled a startling discovery that he was purchasing this material from the local manufacturer at a cheaper rate and supplying to our company at a higher rate and much more profitable. The name of this raw material is (Apoko Herbal Extract) Late Mr Ramachandran was purchasing this material at the rate of $18,500 Usd for 1 gallon and supplying to our company at the rate of $30,000 Usd for 1 gallon The receipts reveal that he was making $11,500, Usd from each 1 gallon and our company were purchasing 100 gallons every month as per our production capacity requirements. That means he was making $1,150,000 Usd Every month which is absolutely profitable. Now I do not wish to hand over these receipts and transaction information to our company director because he’s a mean and cruel individual and it wouldn’t be of any benefit to me if I do that. However, I would absolutely want to involve you in this grand scheme of profitability and endless possibilities for both of us. Now Pay Attention! This is what I would need you to do, which is to get in touch with the raw material manufacturer of the product over there in your country and make inquiries about the availability and selling price of 1 gallon of the raw material and give me feedback. You will stand in as the middleman to procure the raw material in between the raw material manufacturer of the product and supply to our company as the main dealer. Our company requires 100 gallons of this product every month for the next 12 months and subsequently based on the global demand. We will split the profit from this transaction in the ratio of 70% to 30%. You will get to keep 70% and I will travel down to your country to meet with you and have a celebratory meeting with you and receive my 30%. If you are business oriented and interested in these profitable business transactions then do indicate YES! I will send you the contact details of the raw material manufacturer for you to establish communication and engage in business conversation right away! Thanks kind regards

herbal extract and fruit vegetables juice powder – mailer republished

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Wendy from Changsha Heking Bio-tech co.,ltd.We are a professional manufacturer of herbal extract and fruit vegetables juice powder supply for food,pharmecutical,beverage and cosmetics in China for 12 years.

Wendy Chen

Changsha Heking Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

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Email: Wendy@csheking.com

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Mimosa pudica,touch me not plant has medicinal properties

Purchasing plants which will wilt and die after some time is a waste of money and effort.
Those who are finding it difficult to grow plants, should purchase a touch me not plant (latin name: mimosa pudica) which is easy to grow
A large number of these plants were growing on the roadside in goa,but the domain investor did not take them.
In a metro city,she purchased one plant and it is growing very well.
The leaves of the touch me not plant will fold when touched.
It has light pink flowers which fade and become white in the evening.
The roots and other parts of the touch me not plant have some medicinal properties.

Arihant’s Adulsa cough syrup

The ingredients of the various adulsa cough syrups available vary.
Some of Arihant’s Adulsa cough syrup’s ingredients are
Nilgiri oil

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are nuts a fruit or veg

Tulsi plant helps in boosting immunity


Tulsi or holy basil is the one of easiest plants to grow
In India the tulsi or holy basil (latin name ocimum tenuiflorum) is one of the easiest plants to grow, especially for those who do not have much experience in growing plants.
The tulsi plant is also the cheapest plant to purchase the street vendors will sell a tulsi plant for Rs 20 each in metro cities, and in small towns the prices are usually higher at Rs 25 or Rs 30 a plant
The plants are usually sold in grow bags, and they will continue to grow in the grow bag if they are wate
red daily
In small towns, the tulsi plants are often growing on the road side
The tulsi leaves have medicinal uses, help in boosting the immunity

Typical herbal ingredients used for cough syrup

Cough is a major health problem for some

The ingredients of the Herbal cough syrups are usually
Yeshti Madhu
Black pepper
Depending on the severity of the cough, multiple cough syrup bottles are required.

Forest produce rates expose government domain ownership fraud

Forest produce rates per kg
Mahua flowers – Rs 33
Tamarind – Rs 36
Chironji Rs 126
Rangeeni Lac – Rs 220
Kusumi lac – Rs 300
Honey – Rs 225

Koda- Kutki Rs 3300 per quintal
Ragi Rs 3578 per quintal

These prices are offered by the Chattisgarh government according to their ad in hindustan times , exposing the great financial,account fraud of the indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google,tata on domain investor making a private citizen pay the domain renewal expenses and then falsely claiming that raw/cbi employee especially goan bhandari raw employee call girl sunaina chodan, who does not pay any money for domains,owns this and other domains to pay them a monthly government salary.

Even cowdung has a certain value, the chhattisgarh government had also published the rates for cowdung
Forest produce is free, yet those who collect it are compensated for their time and effort, most of the domains are not making any money, yet government agencies continue to make fake claims about domain ownership to get greedy gujju stock trader amita patel and other frauds monthly government salaries, great powers

Mitrovicilin herbal extract -phishing email


I came across your contact prior to a private search for principal individual or organization ,I’m Dr Liang Thang a Research Assistant of the Research and Development Department working with ADAMS Laboratory Ltd UK.;One of the leading Bio Pharmaceutical Companies here in England.

I need your assistance in the purchase of a raw material “Mitrovicilin herbal extract MV007” for production , you will be representing my company in sourcing for our basic raw materials used in the manufacturing of high quality Anti-Viral Vaccines, Cancer treatment and other life saving Pharmaceutical Products.

In acknowledgment of this email, I shall divulge details of my intent for your consideration.


Dr Liang Thang
Research & Dev Dept
ADAMS Laboratory Ltd UK.

Herbal supplement oil – phishing mail

My name is Mr. Williams Greant and I work for a zoological company here in Ghana, Western Africa. My company is in need of a product (herbal supplement oil) a raw material which has been found in India recently. While our company ran out of stock of this product which we have been using for the production of animal injections and vaccines and also for research since 2005. Due to some problems which escalated between my company and the purchasing manager who was in charge of purchasing this product for the company from the Indian based dealer has quit from the company and established a separate company of his own. The purchasing manager was the head of my department and my direct boss before he quit. Our company is currently buying this product at the rate of $65,000 USD per lite, and since the resignation of my boss I have been named the interim purchasing manager.

As at this moment, I only have the contact address of this Local Vendor in India from the file of my former boss and I found out that this same material is sold by the manufacturer at the rate USD $35,000 per liter to our former company purchasing manager and I do not wish to let anyone in our company know about this because of my interest in the business. I intend to present you as a supplier who will be a middleman between our company boss and the local vendor in India, so that my company will not know the main-source of the material, while I will forward to you the contact of the local dealer in India So that you can negotiate with them and sell to my company at a rate of $65,000.00 per liter.

The profit which we will make from it will be shared between the two of us afterwards, If you are interested I will forward the details on what to do and the contact of my director so that you can contact him for negotiation. All profits accrued would be shared between you and me, after deduction of all your expenses, etc.

This would be a long term business relationship between you and our company. Upon your response I will send the procedures and all relevant information needed for this business.

Yours truly,

Mr. Williams Greant

Delta-8 Hemp extract used for disposable vapes

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Increasingly due to higher stress levels and lack of support systems, people are suffering from various health problems like anxiety, depression and find it difficult to sleep at night. Earlier people would take a vacation to relax, now due to lack of time and money, they are looking for cheap alternatives to help them relax and sleep well. In the last few years, people are becoming aware of the the benefits of hemp extracts like CBD, Delta 8, CBG. Inhaling the hemp extracts using vapes is more effective compared to consuming gummies. Hence X, one of the top sellers of Premium hemp products is offering a wide range of high quality Delta 8 Vapes, to suit the requirement of people who are interested in using hemp extracts to relax instead of an expensive vacation.

In the last decade, research has indicated that hemp extracts are very effective and safe for treating anxiety, depression and lack of sleep. Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabidiol is a hemp extract which helps people relax and improves their mood, while alleviating any pain which they experience. There are a wide range of delta 8 products like gummies, oils, vapes available for sale online. However many people prefer to purchase disposable delta-8 vapes, since the delta-8 extract enters the blood stream quickly, and acts on the nervous system. If disposable vapes are purchased, the buyer does not have to make the additional effort to refill the vape. The disposable vapes are affordably priced and can be discarded after use.

Individuals who would like to find out where to buy delta 8 vapes should be aware that X is stocking a wide range of disposable Delta-8 vapes with different vape fluid. The buyer can place an order for the disposable vape online, and it will be delivered to the address specified. The Strawnana Delta 8 premium disposable vape pen with one gram of Indica strain Delta-8 vape fluid with citrus, strawberry, sweet, sour,fruity taste. This vape fluid helps in relaxing and reduces anxiety to a great extent. In addition to the feeling physically relaxed, the user is also mentally stimulated.
Many users are preferring vape pens using a hybrid indica Delta-8 strain, since it also has some of the stimulation provided by the Sativa variant. Bubble gum OG is one of the most popular indica dominant strains obtained by cross breeding Bubble Gum with Kush OG. In addition to the relaxing effect to reduce anxiety and stress, it also popular for the high it provides. The premium vape pen contains one gram of Bubblegum OG Delta-8 strain, which has a berry bubble gum, sweet, fruity and creamy flavor. The cherry pie is another indica-dominant hybrid delta 8 strain, which reduces anxiety, stress, and also provides a balanced high, which can be used in different applications. The disposable vape has 1 g of fluid with a cherry berry sweet flavor.
Some users who prefer the Sativa Delta-8 strain due to the relaxing effect it provides, can opt for Blue dream premium delta-8 vape pens since the one gram of vape fluid has a berry pine sweet herbal flavor