Cheapest 5 plant gardening deal pack with low maintenance, easy to grow plants

To make the most of your outdoor space, using a professional landscape gardener is a must, and can significantly raise the curb appeal of your property.

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Due to lack of water supply in panaji goa and harassment of investors in goa, the plants are no longer available since november 2018

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Available cheap gardening deal with 5 low maintenance plants, ideal for those who travel, as most plants will survive even if they are not watered for 1 week

The plant pack consists of the following plants
– aloe vera plant
– jade plant
– moneyplant
– ajwain with edible leaves
– portulucca with yellow flowers

Gardening deal pack available for Rs 499 only

Bulk buyers can contact
The plants will be supplied with roots in a small recycled container. Customers can transfer the plants into large pots if required

Update the gardening pack is not available since 2018


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Selling dried leaves is a fairly lucrative business online

Though there are few sellers from goa, it appears that selling dried leaves is a very lucrative business online
Some of the dried leaves are easily available in goa like
– lemon grass
– ajwain leaves
– mango leaves
– indian almond(badam) leaves
– papaya
– banana
– mint

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Self watering pots suppliers required

Looking for suppliers of inexpensive self watering pots
The pots should be designed so that all varieties of plants will survive even if they are not watered daily for a period of 7 or 14 days due to vacation , they should hold sufficient moisture and water.
Please send an offer separately for
– 7 day self watering pots
– 14 day self watering pots

The pots should also drain quickly during the monsoon. More details of the self watering pots required at self watering pots for home gardens , offices and other places

Selling and buying human hair

In addition to being used for making wigs, human hair can be used for a large number of other applications including gardening to get rid of slugs and other pests . In some larger cities and towns, there are people who collect human hair from women are pay them for the hair. Temples like tirupati are making a lot of money from the human hair of devotees who shave or cut their hair.

More details available at buyers and sellers of human hair, applications and news. More details on human hair exchange, applications and news . Buyers of human hair can also contact.

Insulin plants and leaves available for sale in bulk

Hobbyist can supply Insulin plants and leaves in bulk
Location: Panaji
The plants are good for treating diabetes
One leaf should be eaten daily
The leaf can be used to make chutney also
Fresh insulin leaves can be supplied in bulk

Free aloe vera plant available

Free aloe vera plant and other rewards available for anyone in India who can provide information like bank records, income tax returns about the 10 google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees who are faking a btech 1993 ee degree, domain, website, paypal account ownership. Please send an email to for more details

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The rates for the call girls in goa and elsewhere depend to a large extent on the beauty of the call girl with models, actresses charging a higher rate for their services. So many call girls are taking a lot of effort to look beautiful, using a variety of herbal cosmetics and medicines to enhance their appearance, having flawless skin, thick lustrous hair. This has led to the increase in the demand for herbal, natural cosmetics, and more are is devoted to cultivation of herbs and plants like aloe vera, turmeric

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Citronella plant dies

The biggest risk in ordering plants online is that they are fairly expensive, compared to plants purchased offline and they may die fairly quickly. The citronella or odomos plant which was ordered online was delivered and had a very strong odour which would repel mosquitoes, However the plant never really flourished in goa weather, and despite watering it regularly, the plant shrivelled up and dried.
The green leaves of the plant turned brown gradually and soon the entire plant had shrivelled up and died
The dried leaves of the citronella plant were also having a strong smell, however now there will be no leaves from the plant till next monsoon at least . The plant died in less than 45 days.

Dangerous plant stalking of parmar

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