My New Job for a Tree Service Company

I am new to the area and am looking for a job where I can do tree pruning in Long Island, New York. When I live in Maryland I worked for a tree service company for ten years and must say I was pretty good at my job. I was the one not afraid of heights and was always designated to trim and prune the tallest of trees. I also treated it as an art form to make the trees flourish and become the beautiful pieces of art that they are.

I found a local tree company with an excellent reputation that I would like to apply to. I figured it would be beneficial to do a little bit of research on them first before I approach them about employment.

Aloe vera plants take one year to grow well

While bean plants are growing very fast, especially during monsoon, aloe vera plants are growing very slowly. The growth of the plant depends to a very great extent on the size of the pot, the soil and water . Tired of having almost all payments blocked, account closed by the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees impersonating her and their associates, instead of wasting time online decided to spend some time growing aloe vera plants in september 2016.
In 2016, it was raining very heavily, so some of the plants grew well. However after monsoon the domain investor could not water them regularly because the water pump in the building was sabotaged again by those stalking her so the plants started growing slowly due to limited water supply.
However in June 2017, after the monsoon the aloe vera plants again started flourishing and now there are a large number of aloe vera plants. So for a person who is a victim of organized stalking and finds that all his or her activities are being sabotaged, correspondence stolen, payment blocked, account closed, growing aloe vera and other plants can be a very relaxing activity which those stalking cannot easily sabotage.

Lack of rain making wild medicinal plants wither and dry

Since 13 August 2017, it has not been raining in panaji, and this has made many of the medicinal plants growing in the wild wither away. Goa has plenty of rainfall, however most of the rain is not utilized properly and it drains to the arabian sea. Due to the heavy rainfall, there are many medicinal and other plants which are growing in the wild all over goa, on the roadside and other areas.

Compared to 2016, when goa experienced very heavy rainfall, in 2017, the rainfall is rather sparse. Though some plants are growing in the wild, if there is no rain for three or more days, the plants are likely to wither away and die.

Those with a garden have to make arrangement to water their plant so that they do not wither and dry up. There are few efficient methods to keep the plants hydrated when it does not rain.

Neem plant from Mumbai lost all leaves

Air travel is not suitable for moving plants from one place to another unless properly packed as the plants are likely to be damaged. While some plants like rose plants are surviving the journey from Mumbai to Goa by air, it appears that the neem plants are rather delicate

On July 22, 2017, a neem plant was transported from Mumbai to Goa by air, check in luggage. However by August 15, 2017, the neem plant had lost most of the leaves as the rough handling in the airport and airplane damaged the plant.

At present the neem plant is under observation to check whether it will generate leaves after some time.

Anjeer plant loses all leaves

Buying plants is a risky business, because there is no guarantee that the plant will survive for long

Anjeer fruit is good for health, as it has a lot of fiber.
For example the anjeer plant which was purchased online, was flourishing for a month or so, with leaves growing fast . However in the last few weeks the plant leaves became yellow and started falling off.
The leaves of other plants in the same pot also starting yellowing
All other plants, especially bean plants in the area are flourishing, only the anjeer plant has lost all leaves
Now on August 14, 2017, the plant has no leaves at all .

Most young people are not interested in gardening

It appears that mainly middle aged and senior citizens are interested in gardening, growing plants. The young people are mainly interested in enjoying themselves, drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages, they do not get any happiness or pleasure gardening.

It could because in india in 2017, most of the better opportunities are only reserved for young people who are less than 30 years, and indian intelligence and security agency employees are allowed to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to block the opportunities available to older people stealing leads,orders,, often making completely fake allegations without any proof at all against the older person

On the other hand, older people, senior citizens have almost no opportunities in India due to persecution of security and intelligence agencies and are looking for a relaxing way of spending their time productively. Gardening is one of the better options for middle aged people and senior citizens, especially those ostracized in the tech and internet sector, where ageism and identity theft is rampant.

Very few suppliers of medicinal plants in small towns

In 2017, there are very few suppliers of medicinal and other plants in small towns compared to metro cities. While there are some nurseries they are at remote locations which most people are unable to reach easily, especially if they do not have their own vehicle. In 2014, 2015 there were a few plant sellers with handcarts in panaji, goa and though expensive, residents could at least purchase the plants.
However in 2017, all the plant sellers have almost completely disappeared in panaji, goa due to regulations of the local authorities. The rare plant sellers spotted are quoting inflated prices of more than Rs 150 per plant. In contrast in metro cities, plant sellers continue to have a very flourishing business, with multiple plant sellers at some locations like outside schools
The forestry department was selling plants, yet the mobile van was available only for a day or two in most towns in goa, and the information was not readily available.

People who have plenty of money and space for growing plants do not value it

The domain investor was living mostly in a flat where she had very little space for growing plants, and even in the house she has , there is very little free space for growing plants. On the other hand there are many people with plenty of money and space for growing plants, yet they do not value it as they do not require the money. In Mumbai, land between the railway tracks is utilized for growing vegetables which are then sold in the local market, as the railways are leasing the property to cultivators to prevent encroachment,

However though in panaji, there is a shortage of vegetables and other plants in the market, on August 14, 2017, and the vegetables are imported from other states, most of the open spaces, owned by the local government are remaining vacant and are used for dumping waste, instead of being used productively, indicating a lack of efficiency, vision and foresight.

The top intelligence and security agency employees are too busy stalking, defaming, harassing, cheating and exploiting harmless single women engineers, to devote their time and money to effectively utilize the resources available like growing plants and vegetables on the land available.

Medicinal plants available at concessional rates from Ayush ministry

In goa, the government is very generous compared to other states in India, having many welfare schemes hoping to get votes. One of the schemes available was distribution of medicinal plants by the forestry department in collaboration with the Ayush ministry at very concessional rates of Rs 15-20 at all major towns and cities in goa . The scheme was not initially advertised in the newspapers when it was launched in July 2017.
Initially the distribution started at Kadamba bus stand, Panaji on 7,8 July 2017 , however the news was published in goan newspapers only later, so some people in panaji, were not able to collect the plants from panaji, and had to go to another town like Mapusa, Margao.
In Mapusa, the distribution of plants was fairly well organized and a list of the medicinal plants was provided to those who were interested in purchasing the plants. Some of the more in demand plants like stevia, ashwagandha were not available as they were sold out as soon as the sale began at 10 am. The person handling the sales indicated that a new stock of plants would be available at 10 am the next day when the sale would begin.

kindly note that R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees especially shivalli brahmin bengaluru R&AW employee cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, indore fraud veena, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina , goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, naina and others are not associated with the website as they do not spend any money and do not do any work online, only make fake claims with the help of shameless section 420 fraud R&AW/CBI/NTRO/google, tata employees

Kratom for medicinal use

Though Kratom has been widely used in south Asia and Indochina for centuries, Kratom is a relatively new drug in Western countries where it is being promoted as a pain killer, medicine for treating diarrhea and as a recreational drug. Kratom is the local name for the Mitragyna speciosa tree, an evergreen tree from the coffee family, and the drug is extracted from the leaves of the tree. At present Kratom is available in different forms, leaves, extract and capsules depending on the requirement of the user. Since Kratom was available in western countries only in 2012, there is relatively less regulation of Kratom compared to other recreational drugs and it is not illegal to get Kratom leaves from Indo China.

Usually the effects of Kratom are visible to users quickly after it is ingested and the effects will last for five to seven hours. It is being extensively promoted in the United States as a safe, legal, and undetectable drug which can be used for those addicted to more dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin, though there are some side effects of using kratom regularly. In south asian countries , there are many medicinal plants which are growing , which locals use for treating their medical problems.

In most parts of the world, marijuana is considered to be an illegal drug, however in California, it has been legalized, and there are many who are using it as a pain killer, growing the plants at home. It is particular popular with elderly women who experience great pain, and it can help them reduce the medical bills. Kratom is another plant whose leaves are said to be a very effective pain killer, and till date, it remains legal.