Walking allows people to observe local flora and fauna, medicinal plants

Due to the ruthless radiation torture of ntro, security agencies, a domain investor and google competitor is not able to get a driving licenses, as she is specifically targetted when she is taking driving lessons causing great pain, memory loss and headache. Though a lot of time is wasted as the domain investor has to walk to reach any other place, it gives her an advantage which few others have, an opportunity to observe the local flora and fauna in goa
Compared to many other states in India, goa has plenty of rainfall, and there are many plants growing in the wild including medicinal plants due to the low utilization of natural resources in the state .
Since the domain investor has been subjected to organized stalking since 2010, observing the medicinal and other plants growing in the wild can be a good therapy and helps avoid noticing the people sent by the security agencies for organized stalking, causing mental stress