People in posh colonies prefer flower , decorative plants not medicinal plants

Wealthy people living in posh colonies with their own house or row house, prefer to grow flower and decorative plants, few people are growing medicinal plants or have a kitchen garden of their own.
After some time, especially during monsoon these plants are growing very big, and they are cutting these plants and dumping them outside the house or a common area, where everyone is dumping the unwanted plants.
Some people may take these unwanted plants to grow in their garden, however most people travel by car and do not notice these plants at all, as they are very wealthy bhatkars with plenty of real estate, farms giving them a good tax free income.
After some time, the CCP sends their people to remove the plants, as these mosquitoes flourish in these plants. So instead of increasing the amount of waste which the muncipal authorities have to get rid off, it is better if people take the plants

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