Medicinal plants available at concessional rates from Ayush ministry

In goa, the government is very generous compared to other states in India, having many welfare schemes hoping to get votes. One of the schemes available was distribution of medicinal plants by the forestry department in collaboration with the Ayush ministry at very concessional rates of Rs 15-20 at all major towns and cities in goa . The scheme was not initially advertised in the newspapers when it was launched in July 2017.
Initially the distribution started at Kadamba bus stand, Panaji on 7,8 July 2017 , however the news was published in goan newspapers only later, so some people in panaji, were not able to collect the plants from panaji, and had to go to another town like Mapusa, Margao.
In Mapusa, the distribution of plants was fairly well organized and a list of the medicinal plants was provided to those who were interested in purchasing the plants. Some of the more in demand plants like stevia, ashwagandha were not available as they were sold out as soon as the sale began at 10 am. The person handling the sales indicated that a new stock of plants would be available at 10 am the next day when the sale would begin.

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