Ajwain, pan ova plants comparatively easy to grow



Molersko gipsarsko fasaderski radovi krecenje cena Novi Sad

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Compared to aloe vera plants which grow rather slowly, ajwain or pan ova plants are easier to grow after a cutting has been obtained , They flourish in the monsoon when it rains heavily and the soil is well drained and sandy . They flourish better when planted in very large pots or in the ground, they do not grow very well in grow bags and smaller pots.
Almost every cutting of ajwain plant will develop roots after some time, though the rate of growth of the plant will vary after it has developed roots depending on the soil, size of the pot and amount of water it will receive.
One of the factors which is a good indication of how well the plant is growing is the size of the leaves . It is observed that plants growing in the mud or large pots have larger size leaves while those grown in small pots have smaller leaves and do not grow very fast.