Dangerous plant stalking of parmar

It is increasingly clear that the google competitor, india’s largest female domain investor and experienced engineer is under surveillance not for black money or security, it is only for identity theft purposes so that the girlfriends and relatives of powerful ntro, cbi, raw employees get a monthly indian government salary at her expense without doing any work online, without investing any money.
The worst example of plant stalking is by ntro employees parmar, j srinivasan as they ensure that their girlfriends have exactly the same plants in the garden as the google competitor, so that they can falsely claim that their girlfriends own the websites of the google competitor to justify the monthly indian government salary that their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced girlfriends CBI/R&AW employees eighth standard pass housewife naina, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan are getting for doing nothing.
For example the domain investor has a plant which has large yellow flowers, and the fraud parmar allegedly got the plant for his girlfriend naina. cbi employee school dropout naina is also planting many rose plants as the fraud ntro employee parmar falsely claims that his premika naina, who has not invested any money on domain names, owns a rose related domain name to get her a monthly indian government salary.

The media covered the news of the stalking of varnika kundu by vikas barala, when will it cover how ntro employees are stalking harmless single women for more than 7 years to steal their resumes, investment for their girlfriends and relatives