Domain investor threatened with arrest in panaji for keeping pots on terrace

Indicating high levels of harassment of some citizens in panaji goa, the domain investor is being threatened with arrest in panaji, goa for keeping some pots on the terrace of her house. The government agencies allegedly bribed by her fraud neighbours have openly boasted in panaji goa that they have cut off the water and electricity supply to her house.
Due to lack of water in the house, and damage to plumbing by the burglars, it is very difficult to clean the house.
The pots are almost completely dry, there is no plant growing in most of the pots.
Yet the local government officials and some politicians continue to harass the domain investor, who is already overworked, due to the labor law violation, banking, financial fraud in panaji, goa on her since 2012

This shows that investing in property in panaji, goa is risky, since some citizens cannot even keep dry pots on the terrace, they are threatened with arrest.