Chinese herbal extracts

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Xi ‘an Yuheng Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating beauty and skin care products, hair shampoo and hair care products, r&d and production of Traditional Chinese medicine and plant extracts. The company’s business projects include: extraction of semi-finished plant medicinal materials, r&d of natural health products, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine technologies; Import and export of goods and technologies. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, the integrity of the company, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry.

The company’s current main products are: all kinds of facial cleanser, amino acid cleansing mousse, Chinese medicine mask, mask, moisturizing cream, Moisturizing lotion?anti-wrinkle cream, essence, Chinese medicine shampoo, Damascus Rose Hydroso,Damascus Rose shampoo;

In response to coVID-19, which is currently raging around the world, our company has developed a traditional Chinese medicine compound extract for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19, which can be made into traditional Chinese medicine granules and washed with boiled water.

Our products with high quality and preferential prices in the world to win customers praise.

In the current global COVID-19 pandemic situation, medical treatment is difficult, our company pays special attention to women’s health. Now, we can provide women’s anti-inflammatory gels to help women all over the world tide over difficulties.

Stinging nettle is one of the most common weeds in Goa

Like most coastal areas, Goa receives plenty of rainfall, so a large number of weeds will grow after it rains
One of the most common weeds in panaji, goa is the stinging nettle, with serrated oval leaves.
The plant grows very fast on all kinds of surfaces
Removing the weeds is very time consuming.