Apoko Herbal Extract Dealership.- phishing email

Greetings, I work with A veterinary Group of a company situated in the United states as a regulatory affairs specialist Our organization is in short supply of raw materials which are immediately required for the research and manufacturing of mix vaccines and medications which are applied in the use of pet animals/ aquatic/ poetry farm injection treatment across the globe. The reason for this shortage is as a result of the sudden and unfortunate passing away of the main supplier of the raw material from India who was Mr Ramachandran in a fatal automobile car crash. He was buying this raw material and supplying it to our company in a bulk quantity of 100 gallons every month. Now our company doesn’t know the exact source of this raw material which is in a state in India due to the nature of his transaction arrangement with our company. Today however as a matter of urgency and a race against time to save lives of pet animals I stumbled over his receipts in our company records department, which unraveled a startling discovery that he was purchasing this material from the local manufacturer at a cheaper rate and supplying to our company at a higher rate and much more profitable. The name of this raw material is (Apoko Herbal Extract) Late Mr Ramachandran was purchasing this material at the rate of $18,500 Usd for 1 gallon and supplying to our company at the rate of $30,000 Usd for 1 gallon The receipts reveal that he was making $11,500, Usd from each 1 gallon and our company were purchasing 100 gallons every month as per our production capacity requirements. That means he was making $1,150,000 Usd Every month which is absolutely profitable. Now I do not wish to hand over these receipts and transaction information to our company director because he’s a mean and cruel individual and it wouldn’t be of any benefit to me if I do that. However, I would absolutely want to involve you in this grand scheme of profitability and endless possibilities for both of us. Now Pay Attention! This is what I would need you to do, which is to get in touch with the raw material manufacturer of the product over there in your country and make inquiries about the availability and selling price of 1 gallon of the raw material and give me feedback. You will stand in as the middleman to procure the raw material in between the raw material manufacturer of the product and supply to our company as the main dealer. Our company requires 100 gallons of this product every month for the next 12 months and subsequently based on the global demand. We will split the profit from this transaction in the ratio of 70% to 30%. You will get to keep 70% and I will travel down to your country to meet with you and have a celebratory meeting with you and receive my 30%. If you are business oriented and interested in these profitable business transactions then do indicate YES! I will send you the contact details of the raw material manufacturer for you to establish communication and engage in business conversation right away! Thanks kind regards