Fruits go waste in goa due to poor management of resources

A few decades ago, children in goa would collect the fruits from different trees which would fall on the ground, especially mango, tamarind and bombay tamarind, which they would wash and eat, so that the fruits would not go waste. However in the last decade, due to surveillance, people are extremely status conscious, so the fruits from a wide variety of plants fall to the ground and get wasted as there is no one to collect them
For example in St Mary’s colony, there was a Rose apple tree, which had a large number of rose apples which were falling on the footpath, with no one to collect them. These were a good variety of rose apples which were not found elsewhere, yet due to the waste of resources and close surveillance, they were wasted. Similarly there are a large number of bread fruit plants all over panaji, like the one behind the old secretariat, with no one to pluck them
Proper utilization of the resources available could reduce the debt of the goan government to the central government.

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Finding medicinal plants

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It remains difficult to find out which plants are effective for treating health problems a lot of research is required and there is less information available online. There is some risk involved in using the herbal products especially those made at home, as they have not been tested scientifically. It is safer to user plant extracts and plants externally, ingesting plants which are not correctly identified can be risky,

There are many who have fallen ill after eating poisonous mushrooms or other toxic foods. There are also relatively few suppliers of medicinal plants in India, who can be easily accessed. especially in small towns

Traditional plant medicines


For example for a cold or cough, in India, traditionally tulsi or oregano has been used extensively for treatment along with honey, and it alleviates the cold/cough to a very great extent. One of the most popular cough syrups available in India uses Adulsa, a plant extract. Similarly aloe vera gel is very effective in treating scars, burns, rashes, pimples and other skin problems. There are many other plants, plant extracts which are very effective for treating ailments, without any kind of side effect, at a relatively low cost. However this information is not documented or validated.

In some cases, it is possible to use plants and herbs for medical treatment as they contain the active ingredient which are used in the medicines available in the pharmacy

Medicines for health care

While it is always advisable to let the body heal itself there are many instances when a person is forced to take medicines or supplements. Often the diet of a person will not contain the required nutrients, and it is advisable to take supplements. Those targetted for organized stalking find it difficult to shop for fresh food and vegetables, and in this case, the supplements provide the missing nutrients. Though some pharmacies are stocking general items like mosquito repellants, chocolates, in general most supplements, medicines and health care items can be only found in a pharmacy

The number of pharmacies in an area depend to a large extent on the population of the area. Usually areas with a large number of senior citizens and young children will have more pharmacies because they are more likely to require medicines. The medicines available at the pharmacy depend on the nature of the ailment. For example, almost all pharmacies are stocking widely used medicines like crocin, paracetamol, combiflam, ointments like Soframycin. However it is relatively difficult to find a pharmacy stocking diabetes urine test strips, despite enquiring at many pharmacies no one had these urine test strips in stock.

Online pharmacies, allopathic medicines

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In India increasingly online pharmacies are advertising extensively and they are also offering better prices on many of the products compared to offline pharmacies. However there are a few disadvantages of ordering through online pharmacies. It is not possible to check the expiring date of the item being ordered at the time of ordering, There is also a possibility that the packaging may be tampered at the time of despatch of the medicine or during transit. So people with many powerful enemies, especially organized stalking victims, will avoid using online pharmacies. In India, in May 2017, pharmacists all over India had held a strike protesting against online pharmacies

Most of the products available at pharmacies are allopathic medicines, which have their side effects which adversely affect the health of the patient. Hence a better and more healthy lifestyle includes reducing stress to the extent possible and incorporating foods which will reduce the possibility of illness. In South Asia, there are a large number of plants, herbs and trees which grow widely in tropical areas and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. However in the last century, the medical system has been largely dominated by western allopathic medicines, detection methods and cures.